Migrating to Blogdown

December 27, 2017   

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been toying with the incredible blogdown package, and I finally have my former GitHub Pages site fully migrated!

There’s not a lot to say here. I only had a few posts on my previous site in part due to the difficulty of publishing. I would generate markdown files in Sublime and plots in RStudio, then spend a fair amount of time styling and linking the graphics properly. I am extremely excited to be able to use RMarkdown to display my grpahics as I code them instead of having to save them separately.

Another incredible benefit of migrating to blogdown has been rendering versions of my blog locally. Using GitHub Pages, I didn’t understand how to preview my posts prior to pushing them to my master branch. Now, I can render any given post as I write it without even leaving RStudio! This makes a huge difference; I now won’t have to open Pull Requests just to fix my typos or fauly hyperlinks.

Beyond that, I followed the incredible blogdown book’s and moved my hosting to Netlify. I enjoy having an actual backend for my site rather than just pushing to GitHub and praying. The book offers much more guidance through and through, and I wouldn’t have had such ease were both the package and the book not publicly available.

That’s about all I’ve got – here’s to me posting more frequently next year!

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